Income generation audits

This process identifies all the assets the organisation has; assesses and reviews potential and prioritizes action to increase the value of assets. 

Strategic reviews and plans

Knowing what you want to achieve in the medium and long term is important to your potential funders and supporters, to staff and to customers/visitors. This process clarifies your 'purpose' and works with your team to identify the key objectives that are going to ensure you achieve your medium and long term goals. It identifies the key changes to what you produce, communications, skills, customer priorities, the timescales, risks and dependencies.

Business planning

The business plan turns the strategy into a working document that helps manage your organisation to achieve its purpose and deliver its activities. It breaks down the key objectives into workable goals that all departments can use to guide their actions, priorities and resources. It also includes the projected financial income and costs related to the plan. 

Business development

Are there visitors or customers who cannot see you? Who could you partner with to access new customers or deliver new products to your customers? How can you extract more value from your assets? Do your methods of service delivery or marketing need an overhaul?

Through understanding your business this process unlocks areas for development.

Board development and Governance

Your Board is a vital and valuable asset.  Are your Board members' goals the same as the organisation? Is the process of renewing and managing the Board fit for the organisation? Do you have all the skills you need to achieve your goals? Is everyone engaged and extending the advocacy of the organisation? Does the Board's challenge lead the organisation in the direction of the purpose and strategy? 

take the current can assess your Board, revise your terms and assist you to recruit.

Increasing team engagement; enhancing performance

Your team is one of your most valuable assets.You not only need the correct skill, knowledge and experience but you also need the optimum structure. 

Communications is one of the most important aspects of structural redesign, as well as support for those expected to take on new roles or work in different ways. 

take the current works with you and the team to ensure the reasons for change are understood and that the team inform the process and are part of crafting the best structure for your organisation.  Coaching is a powerful tool to develop teams and support individuals facing new responsibilities, more senior roles or a requirement for increased effectiveness. 

managing change

Where it is changing the business model, reduced funding, preparing for growth, whenever there is a change it needs to be carefully managed so that the long term focus on why you exist continues to drive the organisation.  take the current has experience of managing change and can devise a plan that makes sure your team are buoyant in changing times, that communications are excellent and that you achieve and celebrate the change you need to make.