Executive Coaching

When everyone has an agenda, business is moving fast and it is your job to make decisions, create a productive environment and achieve organisational goals; having someone dedicated to your development  can make a huge difference to your effectiveness as the leader and as a colleague.

Having someone to listen and observe intently and feed back gives you valuable insight to support your strategies, plans and tactical approach to issues and relationships. I can help you reinvigorate your latent power, illuminate  blind spots, gain a more holistic view and develop ways of overcoming self imposed barriers. You will build your confidence, gain insight, tackle what is getting in the way of getting the best from yourself and discover possibilities you had not thought of.  

I help you optimize your personal effectiveness by creating the space and time to focus on the issues facing you or members of your team. My coachees explore, discover themselves, figure things out and most importantly take action. 

Whether you are moving to a higher level, keen to figure out how to deal with particular relationships, building team performance, advancing an organisation through change and development, reshaping your future or simply wanting to make the most of what you have; Coaching is a powerful vehicle to help support and challenge you. You will emerge refreshed and more effective than ever. 


Louise Emerson has over 25 years experience of leading organisations and working with Boards. She uses a range of approaches, techniques and tools, drawing from solutions focused, positive psychology and cognitive behavioural practice in insightful supportive interactions to help you achieve the changes you desire. 

I believe everyone needs some non-judgmental reflective support to unlock their capacity to achieve their goals  - why not send an email to book an initial free conversation.

Louise is a Arts Marketing Association Mentor and has coached at the Museums Association conference.

Possible scenarios

CEO  - Senior managers Executive Coaching

Promotion to a senior / new role - Leadership

Managing change  

Managing / building a team  - dealing with friction

Developing culture

Improving relationships

Career development 

Breaking out of 'stuck' 


Louise Emerson holds an MBA with distinction (University of Nottingham 1990), Certificate in Coaching (University of Strathclyde 2009) and a

Diploma in Coaching (University of Warwick 2018). Louise undergoes regular supervision & continuing Coaching professional development.

.. Louise helped me to think through the organisational design, process,
implications and best ways of executing and structural reorganisation
— Marketing Director - Pharmaceuticals sector
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